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1996-11-22, George Djordjevic
Cafe Balkan: Sun is shining again. Yugoslaviaja is not only back on the net, but Your Cafe Balkan is an absolute delight. Thanks for making my day. Will wright again soon. Nislija from Beverly Hills
1996-10-31, Douglas Gadsby
Home Page of Borut: Greetings from Midland Ontario Canada. Stop by your site and was moved to comment on the quality and quantity of information available. Excellent Job! Keep up the good work. Doug Gadsby
1996-10-21, Otto Andersson
Greetings: Greetings from Norway on a rainy evning i october. I have just found your caff and loook forward to explore it.
1996-10-16, Jang Hee Yun
Greetings from Yongin, South Korea: Dear Mr. Maricic: Wanted to say Hi! and let you know how much I've enjoyed this cool and lovely site... Great Job! Please come visit me and check my page sometime at: http://soback.kornet.nm.kr/~pixeline/heeyun/ Keep up the good work and take care. Jang Hee Yun from Yongin, South Korea
1996-10-16, Enzo Medici
Greetings from Italy: Hello, many greetings from Rome and compliments for your site. Enzo Medici, http://www.flashnet.it/medici
1996-10-15, Srdjan Reljic
Guest Book: I realy like Your Web page. Good luck, Srdjan Reljic, Vermillion SD, U.S.A.
1996-09-29, Nebojsa Radovanovic
Cafe Balkan: Dobar dan ! Vrlo lepa kolekcija...za svaku pohvalu ! Ja bih imao jedan dodatak za vasu kolekciju...upravo sam zavrsio i stavio na www on-line verziju "Gorskog Vijenca" od P.P.Njegosa, pa ako vam se svidi mozete da napravite link sa vaseg site-a. Eto toliko, pa izvol'te u goste na http://www.front.net/nebojsa/njegos/gvijenac.htm Sve najbolje i svaka cast na inicijativi ! Nebojsa, Toronto, Sep/29
1996-09-18, Milan Cerovsek
Poslije posta na YUQUEST-u pregledao sam detaljno sve i samo mogu reci 5+. Pozdrav Milan Cerovsek
1996-08-12, Gary O'Brien
Balkan: Thank you for the information on your Cafe Balkan and for your reply. It is nice to be able to get to know other people who are found of that area of the world which I find fascinating, especially its mixture of cultures, which I hope can be salvaged (unlike the books from sarajevo's library). I wonder if you know how I could get some articles or anything from the writer Predrag Matvejevic. I really enjoyed the one book I could get from him (Epistolaire pour une autre Europe). So long for now but I will come back. Gary O'Brien
1996-07-24, Predrag Stojkov
Balkan: mogu li da rezervis"em jedan sto u c'os"ku? Kao s"to subjekt kaz"e, ima li u kafani dovoljno mesta i za moj sto? Hvala u svakom sluc"aju Pozdrav Predrag Stojkov
1996-07-15, Predrag Stojkov
Balkan: moguc'a dopuna vas"e poetsko-knjiz"evne kolekcije se nalazi na URL: .../book.of.home/ poezija/yupoezija.html. Borute, jos" jedan dodatak: Mala Galerija na...: Pretez"no naivna umetnost. Pozdrav i dobar rad, Predrag
1996-07-14, Tracy Odell
Balkan: I've been enjoying my tour of the cafe, and the Balkans. The artist section is amazing! Sorry I can not appreciate the literature, since I do not know the language. If there is ever an English translation available, let me know! Borut, your page is a real tribute to your roots. Tracy
1996-06-08, Borut Maricic
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