South Slavic Literature Library: Frequently asked questions

Why don't you have <my favorite text/author> here??
South Slavic Literature Library is basically a repository of links to other sites. It is only secondarily aligned with a so called "Borut's literature collection" - a group of texts which I have compiled. This means that <your favorite text/author> is most probably not on the Web. If, however, your beloved text/author is on the Web, it may very well be that I do not know for it, so please let me know. It may also be that I do know about it, but simply had no time to include it.
Why don't I see South Slavic characters correctly?
It is the cooperation of your operating system, browser, your installed fonts, as well as the document you are browsing, which determines how you will see the document. If something of those four is not capable enough or not properly set, you have a problem. For more on software tools for readers and writers of HTML documents, see software tools.
How are South Slavic characters encoded?
Several character encoding standards exist, that can be used to encode South Slavic characters. Various sources on the Web use different coding schemes. This Library has no influence on coding schemes used by various Web sources. South Slavic literature texts which I administer are almost exclusively encoded in Unicode UTF-8.
I would like to put a South Slavic text on the Web. What standard should I follow?
If you are a webmaster or have influence on preparation of texts for the Web, my recommendation is: Use the Unicode encoding form UTF-8 as a character encoding standard and XHTML as a document format standard. See the knowledge base for more.
I am putting a South Slavic text on the Web. What should I take a special care of?
See SSLL encoding guidelines.
I want this Library to point to the text I have prepared on the Web!
Please let me know.
Some texts load very slowly!
Most of the texts are not stored on the server where the Library itself exists. I do not have any influence over other sites. Sorry.
How did it all start - how did SSLL came to existance?
When I find some time, I will write it down.
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