About the magazines Vijenac and Zarez


This short introduction was compiled mostly from information available at Croatian independent press: Vijenac, which you may wish to consult for further details and selected articles.

Vijenac is Croatian culture/arts weekly published by Matica Hrvatska, the premier Croatian cultural institution. In the Fall of 1998 a controversy was raised over the issue of Vijenac's editorial policy, which led to the expulsion or departure of the editorial board. Articles from the new Vijenac (in Croatian), devoid of political topics, can be found at the Matica Hrvatska site. Articles from the old Vijenac (also in Croatian), can be found at another site, not supported by Matica Hrvatska. The original editorial staff started their own weekly magazine for culture and social issues, named Zarez.


I believe that the following compilation of links to old and new Vijenac pages, as well as Zarez, is the only one of its kind currently on-line.

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