qwyx Character Encoding Standard

South Slavic Characters
Unicode: ISO-10646 Latin 2: ISO-8859-2 Microsoft Latin II: MS-CP1250
qwyx US-ASCII: ISO-8859-1 ISO-646-YU IBM-CP852 Apple-CE
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Qwyx is an ad-hoc convention of using the English alphabet letters q, w, y and x for the South Slavic diacritical characters. In this way, the original information can be preserved (i.e. diacritics are not lost) even when one has no South Slavic keyboard, keyboard driver or international fonts at disposal. This convention is used quite often on South Slavic mailing lists and in e-mail messages. There is no special font for this convention.

For qwyx history, definition and examples, please visit qwyx character encoding standard.


Jowte xivi duh nawih dqedova: Qevapyiqi dxabe.

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