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Slobodan Škerović: indigo

i n d i g o


you descend quietly, you bluest
blue, you march, for
better is earth than dust
of bones and blood,
stronger is strength than fear
buried into night,
better is air dry than
humid soul, which wails in
dark, which begs
which cries
the storm twirls from east
sharp and red, aurora
whips and wounds, illuminates
somber cloud, illuminates relentlessly
the sound of faggoto, saxophone
the smell of smoke, of heavy oil
black opium
it dresses you blue
permeates and tears, while you inhale
the sand of pain and from lungs
you cough those crispy flakes
of humanity
while becoming blue lightning of rage,
the mane of whips, of scars and blades
while you kill, stroll,
squeeze, drink dehydrated blood
indigo is your paint, bluest,
vein, skin and dress
your ruby glows,
you are stormy in the depth
you blackeyed, heavy metal
resin, sweat
you cloak yourself with amalgam,
your arms so strong from heaviness
remember dead avatars,
your bosom is smooth
bronze, through veil you see the knoll
you anticipate and aim,
the tip of dagger,
that final stroke at you, the brilliance
to crush
while you thrust in the claws, deeper
elastic uterus, glittering
like salpas, salty, flimsy, under pressure
sags, you pull out light
pearl, black marrow,
you are alive because the earth
because the night, because your will
because your glance, strength
miracle, you have no past,
where once,
that return, where you go
barefoot, upon dry dusty alley
where you cloaked penetrate,
in scent, in movement into the


eluding through the catacombs,
the edge crumbles,
silhouettes threaten,
that challenge after which you longed
like echo around you, smell of blood,
hunger, immured in earthen wall,
there it hides,
hatred, of steel and concrete
that rust of agony, copper
of the green oxides, that nostalgy
which calls you, which is death
false satiety, pain
sorrow and suffering,
eludes or retreats,
while you walk again
through the same dark transience,
through phosphorus, through looks, through
those inaccessible towers
where your access was banned,
where are they!
in heights, in mirror's mist,
in space...
through fundaments you notice
transparency and preciousness
of secrets and men concealed, all in vain are
balsam, daggers, clarity
all in vain are purple, gold and
eagles, all in vain are testimonies
ether, through ether he comes
for sheaves
their curses like black, entangled
threads, into deepest hole,
where sentenced by themselves
they rot in their shiny dream,
seized with fear, those curses you throw
on them, those carbonic
webby, worthlesnesses,
for them he comes,
now when here, while you bleed
magma, again you feel,
stream and force, stone tissues
melt, you cast into that amorphous
hot concentration
and those cries don‘t call you
any more, they fly into darkness,
cave, into oscillation of infinite


degenerated pain, that horror
interwoven, that destruction omnipresent,
that countenance without hope, the fall
into depression and ice,
death-rattle of bloodstream,
that helpless abandonment to
blows, boreas, to the might of
force, desperation
sagginess, bottom;
you speak with fire, you kill with fire,
with implosion you deliver new age,
your color is that hidden
quiet name, that final sound of
catharsis, that deepest inhale of
liquid infinite pain,
that smile of yours, kiss and
gift, that veil behind which you
search through emptiness, waiting
in that illusory, immobile
condition, azure crystal around you,
death, desert, lifeless
who will come
this way.
forever you leave caves,
principles, art of life,
forever you lose objects and faces,
you leave your self in that crater
shell, form, slag
bubble, shadow, self
you leave a dream.


your thoughts are slow
skin, pulse, slow breath
light somehow, unnoticed
like wave from the deep
strongest, lifts you (up)
you fly, fast,
you are in that sphere
in tranquility,
where passes by you, where
permeates, taste, peace
you stop
because they come,
for you are here,
filled to the brim,
you don‘t take and gently,
force engulfs you, rage or
gentleness, silence or shout,
permanence or end,
you do nothing,
for karma is without you,
for the wind is, sand, redness
sun, smoke
your shape is now
apparition, behind, former, was
shadow, breath, your shape
face, yours, out of reach, deja
vu, the desired,
paid by pain.
and the eyes are only here,
eternity, flame.
now before that sculpture
there‘s no hesitation, that struggle of
warrior and snake
that blood and drama, that
death and marble, that
hopeles, yours
story -
you take away with you.


you walk, you see
you know,
the call
you hear through the noise, through touch
you feel, through ether
through your own
beat, which you constantly
you come close
through thick blue color.
you sense her,
that glittering,
tissue, that
in abyss, hidden
you feel through dark.
with your somber
abyssmal heart
into the last
immediate circle
you type, the code,
into her bloodstream.


everything is faked
victims and murderers
life that passes by
life which demands
steals and kills
gives and imbibes
penetrates into its own image
into vacuum,
which tears itself from the
faked is the outbreath by which you
throw out yourself
the inbreath which heals
cruelty and gentleness
your effects
hits, charisma
intellect and
just the flight of silver wings
you just pass through the atmosphere
down cirruses and nebulas
down summits of granite
icy rivers
reflections of lakes
waters salty and green
you sell everything for that fire

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